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Lace toupee – breathable and natural looking hair replacement for men





Lace material: natural French lace and Swiss lace, soft and breathable. The finest lace on the market, invisible pleating, bleached knots and a transitional density hairline give it amazing realism in any light. Clients also love it for its light, comfy and airy feel.





Thin skin material: thin skin is a polyurethane or skin base, which gives the impression of hair rowing directly out of scalp. It creates a visually undetectable and natural looking. The thin clear poly base allows easy reduction to any size or shape and moulds to most head shapes.





Front knots: Single knot front, with bleached knots, natural invisible knots, graduated hairline.





Base design show: Different lace base: All French lace or Swiss lace, or lace with Thin skin side and back or around.