How To Choose A Skin hair system From Injected, V-looped And Single Knotted Hair

If you are new to skin toupee, it is difficult to understand and choose a  with good skin from injection , V-ring, and single knot wigs. In fact, choosing a good skin wig can help you regain your confidence, and the right wig can be used for a long time and save a lot. So this tutorial has been prepared for you, whether you are a novice or a practitioner, you can read it to avoid buying the wrong hair system. Let's start with how to easily differentiate them.

full skin knoting.png


Injected hair is great because the hair is inserted into the base by hand from different angles, which means all the hair falls in different directions and looks very natural. Natural designs make people appear more serious and formal. And I have a suggestion, the injected hair is best made from 0.04 to 0.06. If you want thicker hair, this can be done with thin skins up to 12 mm thick. Just remember to insult your advisor and tell him what to do.


In other words, V-looped is related to V. This type of coat is not knotted but coiled to the roots so there are no visible knots. V-ring hair is very popular in the world because it can be parted in different directions according to your ideas. The V-ring piece has the same ventilation effect as the knotted piece. The V-ring hair design can be made ultra-thin around 0.02-0.03. This is another reason why V-shaped hairstyle is popular all over the world. The ultra-thin leather system is far more natural than the lace system. Do you know why? Because there are no knots to bleach and no fine lines of lace. If your hair is V-shaped, all you see is hair growing out of your scalp!

3.Single knots

Unlike V-shaped hair, single-knot hair uses a very small hook to fix or tie the hair at the root. Sure enough, you can draw a conclusion from the name, right? It's almost like sewing, with the wig makers patiently knotting each strand of hair one by one. This creates countless tiny void spaces throughout the base so the knotted wig is highly airy. Therefore, manufacturers vary the thickness of individual knots from 0.04 mm to 12 mm. This is why the single-tie knot has a much larger order volume than the other two-piece knots. So you will find that it is easy to see knotted hair in the wig market.

These three hair textures make up most of the products on the wig market. The above is about the differences between the three types of knots. Do you have your own choice? Hope the above information is helpful to you.

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