How to Apply Hair System?

Take using tape as an example

  1. Firstly, determine the scalp area that the hair system needs to be applied , clean the hair on the scalp and wash the hair system, then keep it dry.

    shunfahair system.png

    apply hair system.png

    2.Apply the tape to the base of the product.Try to stick all around of hair system base.Then Remove the remaining protective paper.

    shunfahair men toupee.webp

    3.Determine the position of the hairline, paste the hairline first , then move the pasting action backwards gradually until the entire hair system is pasted. Remember to press firmly during this process to prevent gaps and wrinkle.

    apply men toupee.png

     4.Finally, check the wearing effect and gently comb your hair . The barber can make any hairstyle as needed.

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