How to care for a wig?

Wigs do not have the ability to regenerate. If you want to extend the use time of the wig and make it look shiny and smooth, you need to maintain it.

Precautions for wig maintenance:

1. Clean the wig

When washing the wig with water, try not to get close to the high temperature, and wash it slowly with your hands, stir the water evenly to remove dust, and do not rub it hard. After washing, change the water in the basin and rinse again. Don’t rush to dry the washed wig in the sun. You can use a towel to absorb the water from the wig, and then put the wig in a cool place to dry naturally.

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2. Wear a wig

When wearing a wig, do not use a plastic comb to arrange your hair, as it will easily generate static electricity. The second thing is to arrange the wig and put it on the stand after wearing it. Don't throw it away to avoid the wig getting knotted. If it is a full head wig, the scalp will be more prone to oil, especially oily skin, so you should also pay attention to your scalp hygiene and clean it in time.

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3.Care for wigs

Using a wig-specific maintenance solution can make the wig soft and shiny and prevent static electricity, keeping the wig moisturized just like when you bought it. If the wig is knotted, do not comb it vigorously. It is best to spray maintenance liquid on it and then comb it.

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