How to properly clean your wig?

How do you take your wig from a tangled mess to smooth as ever?

This depends on our daily proper care.


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So how to properly care for our carefully selected wigs?

1.Before cleaning the wig, stand the wig up and use a wooden comb with loose teeth to comb the wig. Turn the wig inside out to       expose the wig cover inside for easy cleaning.

2. Add shampoo to cold water and mix until foaming. Then soak your hair in water for 2-3 minutes. Avoid soaking in water for a long time and avoid using hot water for washing.

3. Do not use the rubbing method to wash the wig. The correct method should be to use pressing.

4. After cleaning, gently squeeze out the water with your hands.

5. Use a dry towel to gently press the wig dry.

6. Leave the wig indoors to dry naturally. Do not use a hair dryer to dry it.


PS: After drying, use a wooden comb to gently comb it. For synthetic fiber wigs, do not comb it while the wig is still weThis will reduce the curl of the wig, and another synthetic fiber is combined with human hair. The wig can be combed when it is semi-wet.

Generally speaking, wigs need to be cleaned once a week after being worn. If you want to make your wig smoother and brighter, you can spray hair spray on your hair after it is dry. It will be very bright.

I hope the above cleaning steps can help you to restore your wig to its original appearance and have a longer service life.

Wish you a happy shopping.

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