Would you choose hair system vs hair transplanta?

If it were you, would you choose hair system vs hair transplantation? Until now, these two methods have made male patients facing hair loss or thinning anxious. We will analyze their characteristics.

hair system

This is a headgear designed with human hair or synthetic hair, which can quickly help patients solve the problem of hair loss, receding hairline or thinning hair.

It's the fastest way for men who want to look natural quickly (find the right hair system and wear it for half an hour or less).

The human hair system is currently the most popular, painless option that does not require surgery. This hair restoration option provides fast results, allowing every man to choose the right hair system for his situation

In addition, the quality of hair systems is now getting better and better, the lifespan can reach one year, and the price is also very favorable.

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hair transplant

It is a medical procedure in which healthy hair follicles are removed from an area of the body and transplanted to the bald area (recipient side).

Hair transplantation is expensive and not suitable for everyone. They also carry the risk of side effects and hair follicle survival rates can vary. Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure and also requires post-operative care.

Its advantage is that if the hair transplant is successful, you will fundamentally solve the problem of hair loss after a few months of postoperative maintenance.

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