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How to Dye self hair?
How to comb curly hair
How to making your hair long lasting after hair dress ?
making your hair long lasting after hair dress .
How to wash a human hair lace wig?
Human hair wigs are luxury product, but it is definitely worth it. Because it is made from real hair, they are much more resilient than wigs made from synthetic fibers when it comes to dyeing, curling, and straightening.
How to tell v loop and single knot technique for skin men hair piece
what is the difference between v loop and single knot techniquie for men hair piece? let us tell you more
Healthy Human Virgin Hair Toupee For Male
This blog will show you a very natural looking and comfortable hairpiece for men, it is made by healthy material and use good technology, without any hurts for your body.
Brief history of wig/toupee.
Brief history of wig/toupee.
Lace toupee – breathable and natural looking hair replacement for men
This blog will show you our lace replacement with natural hairline, the lace base have a long lasting. We have different bases designs with different base size, hair colors in stock for you to choose.
Now Available! Lace, mono and thin skin Toupee
Now in Shunfa Hair Factory, we have different types of toupee, lace, mono, thin skin ... About 8000 pcs in stock options for you. different toupee have different advantages, lace base breathable, mono
Various kinds of hot selling hair pieces for men with nice and super natural hairline.
Men' s toupee is used very often in hair piece market. More and more users have very strict request for the quality and details such as hair knot and hairline, even for the fast delivery time. Shunfa
Are you looking for a natural hairline toupee?
Choose a very natural hair base with invisible and detectable hairline in the front.
Best Things About Lace Toupees.
Some knowledge of men' s toupee.
Some knowledge of men' s toupee.
Why is our toupee popular in the market?
Good products and good service.
What are the main advantages and disadvantages of toupee?
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