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How to wash a human hair lace wig?

Human hair wigs are luxury product, but it is definitely worth it. Because it is made from real hair, they are much more resilient than wigs made from synthetic fibers when it comes to dyeing, curling, and straightening. Just like synthetic wigs, human hair wigs need to be washed regularly. Because of how delicate they are.however, you need to be extra proper careful with them.


Prepare to wash a wig

1.Comb the wig starting from the ends.  Firstly,comb out the ends of the wig. Once all hair are free of knots, work your way up towards the roots until you can run brush or comb through it without tangle. Use a wire wig brush for straight or wavy wigs, and a wide-toothed comb or put fingers on curly wigs.

2.Put  the sink with cold water, then stir in 1~2 squeezes of shampoo Use a good shampoo that is suitable for the hair types you are washing. As example, if we are washing a wavy wig, use shampoo made for wavy hair. If you know that the wig has been dyed, try a color-safe shampoo instead.

  • You won't be applying the shampoo directly too the wig fibers. otherwise, you'll be using the soapy water to wash the wig.
  • Do’t put 2-in-1 shampoos that contain conditioner. We use conditioner on the wig, but you don't want to place it close to the roots.

Human hair wig is luxury product

3.Turn the wig’s inside part out and put it into the water. Use your fingers to turn the wig cap inside out and leave the lace hanging loose. Place the wig into the water and press down on the lace to submerge them. Give the wig a gentle swirl to help distribute the shampoo via the strands.

If we turning the wig inside out, this way will make it easier for the shampoo to reach the wig cap, which is where most of the dirt, sweat, and oils collect.


4.Wig Soaking for 3~5 minutes. Ensure that the wig is completely submerged in the water. Do not touch the wig around during this time. Too much squeezing, swirling, and thrashing, and will cause the hair to get tangled.


5.Rinse the wig with cold water until the shampoo is all gone. You can rinse the wig in a bucket filled with fresh, cold water, or you can do it in the shower or sink. Basis on the wig’s thickness, you may have to rinse it twice.


6.Use hair conditioner on wig. Simply drizzle conditioner on hair, then proper finger-comb it. If your wig is a half lace wig or a jewish wig, pls avoid the wig cap when comb it. The tip are knotted onto the lace. If you apply conditioner to them, the knots will come undone and the strands will fall out.Use a high-quality conditioner on the fibers of wefted wig are sewn on instead. You can also use a leave-in conditioner instead if that is what prefer care.

7.Lay up 2 minutes before rinsing the conditioner out with water.  after 2 minutes are up, rinse the wig with cold water again until the water runs clear. Skip this step if you are using a leave-in conditioner.

Drying the Wig

1. Let wig hair out and gently squeeze the water out. In hand the wig over the sink, and gently squeeze the fibers in fist. Do not twist the fibers or wring. By the way, as this can cause them to tangle or break.

Must brush the wig while it is dry. Not doing so can damage the wig and lead to frizz hair.

2.Rolling the wig into a towel to remove the excess water. Place the wig down on the end of a clean towel. Roll the towel into a tight bundle, starting from the end that has the wig on it. Press down on the towel, then gently unroll it and remove the wig.

  • If the wig is long, make sure that the strands are not bunched up and smoothed out . 

3.Allow the wig to air dry on a wig stand out of direct sunlight. .  then you will get a nice and cleaning wig, Thank you for your browse :)

 Write by Shunfa Hair Factory Co Ltd., 2020.03.19