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14. About Bleached knot
Bleached knots usually are only done at the front of the lace hair piece.
how to order from shunfa hair?
how to apply toupee on head?
Is the front hairline of each toupee looks natural?
natural hairline toupee is made by shunfa hair factory.
what is the bleached knot of toupee hair root?
Factory lace base men toupee is bleached knot, strong lace men hair system. factory worker do bleached knot all arround this base. Now there are Size 6*8 7*9 8*10 inches in factory stock room , welcom
How long is the using life span of a Men hair piece?
long lasting toupee is depend on care properly.
Which kind of payment method does the factory have?
Factory Payment Method: W/U, Paypal, Money Gram and Bank Transfer.
How to avoid hair shedding on Hair piece?
How to Do Wig/Toupee Cap template Measurements
Shunfa hair is ...?
Shunfa Hair is located in Qingdao, China. As a professional Toupee Manufacture, We specialized in hand-made human hair product, including toupee, wigs and hair bundle.
How to tell v loop and single knot technique for skin men hair piece
what is the difference between v loop and single knot techniquie for men hair piece? let us tell you more
How to choose a suitable base type of hair replacement for yourself?
There are mainly photos and information of base structure type of hair piece.
How to choose base design?
About the base design.
What's the difference between men toupee and wig?
About the difference between hair toupee and wig.
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