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How to comb curly hair


How to Comb Wavy Hair?

Correct combing wavy hair will make a huge difference in the health and overall keeping of your wavy hair. Afro-curl hair texture will take a different approach than Italian-curl or body-wave.  

1.Find a wide-toothed comb.  

The bigger the better, it will retain the hair curls. If use a comb with narrow-teeth, that won't break against salon client's hair.

2.Treat with hair products.

If you are intend to get a comb through, pls use one of treatment as below, before combing hair.

If your hair feeling extra greasy, apply dry shampoo, followed by dry hair conditioner.

If your hair isn't greasy, but hair still hard to brush, pls use detangling spray, coconut oil,  or olive oil.

3. Comb out your hair 

Comb each section with downward mothions. Start near the  end of your hair, teasing out knots before moving a slightly higher position.

notice to not snage knots too hard or riping the hair from the root. If your comb get stuck, work the hair off it via your fingers and try again.

4.Wet your hair if combing  cause again.

 1)Wet hair and apply hair conditioner.

 2)Leave in for one hour.

 3)Rinse out  conditioner.

 4)Pat dry with a mirofiber towel or cotton T-Shirt, then comb without towel, as the frictoins form towels add frizz to your hair.

5.Clean out hair products. 

If you treat your hair with Oil, get rid of  it with  a application or dry shampoo.