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how to dye synthetic wig?


Mix a 1:1 ratio of alcohol-based ink and water in a spray bottle. 


Purchase an alcohol-based ink from your local craft store that's the color you want to dye your wig. empty the contents of the ink bottle into a spray bottle. Then, put in the same amount of water to the spray bottle, screw the top on, and shake it up to mix the contents.

  • For an average wig, use 1 1-oz (29.6 ML) bottle of ink. for a wig that's extramely long and/or thick, use 2 1-oz (19.6 -ml) bottles.


2. Add more water to get a pastel color. half by half ratio will most likely get you an opaque, vibrant color that's similar to the ink color been chosen. if you're wanting to go for a more translucent pastel shade, such as mint green, you can buy a more vibrant green, such (1900ml) of water.

3.Use sharpie ink as a alternative. if you don't want to buy an alcohol-based ink and you have a sharpie marker with an ink color that you like, you can use it instead. Remove the cap and pull apart the sharpie with a pair of pliers. Pull out the ink tube that's inside and slice it open with a exacto knife. Then, place the ink tube in your spray bottle. add in your preferred amount of water, and let it sit overnight.

Part 2

1. Get a light-colored synthetic wig. Choose any wig that you want, as long as it's a light color, such as white, light blonde, silver, or a pastel shade. This way, you'll be able to start off with a blank canvas, which should allow you to dye your wig the color you want.

  • couldn't lighten the color of synthetic hair with bleach like you can with human hair.

2. Set up your work space. 

First, Pick a location outside where you'll dye the wig. The dyeing  process may be little bit messy. so it's best to choose an area that's far away from any valuables. Place a table in your chosen location, and cover the table in newspaper or an old tablecloth that you don't care about. finally , put your wig on the wig stand and put it on table.

  • If can't dye the wig outside , opt for garage or basement instead.

3. Put on old clothes and latex gloves. Put on an old outfit that you don't care about in case some of the dye gets on your clothing. Also, put on some latex gloves before client start handling the dye, as this should keep your hands clean and help to minimize the mess.

4.Spray a section of hair and run your hands through it. Start by dyeing the top layer of hair that's visible when the wig is parted naturally. Take your spray bottle and spray fingers into the root area and wiggle them from side to side as you bring them down through the hair. Run your hands through the section 3~4 times to ensure that it gets completely coated.

5. Repeat this application process for each section of hair. After you're aplied the dye to your first section, create another section next to it that's 2~3 inches (5.2~7.5cm) wide, spray the dye on it, and work it in with your hands. Continue working your way around the head and focus on spraying near the roots and the top half of the hair strands. After that, let up the top sections as you work your way around the head again and dye the hair underneath in sections.

6. Comb through synthetic wig with a wide-tooth comb. After sprayed every section of hair with dye and tried to spread it out as much as possible with your hands, the hair may still not look completely uniform. To complete each out the dye application, use a wide-tooth comb to comb through the hair from roots to tips all the way around the head.

7. Put the wig and the dye in a plastic bag as an easy alternative. If you don't have much time or you don't want to worry about getting dye everywhere, pour the ink and water into a plastic bag, such as a trash bag. Place your wig in the bag and tie it closed. If you're going for a more vibrant color, shake the bag for a couple of minutes. if you're going for a pastel color, simply keep the wig submerged in the dye for about 5 minutes.

  • Consider double-bagging the dye to help minimize the chances of spilling.

Then , set the wig outside to dry.

Rinse your wig out until the water is clear.

Detangle your wig with a wide wooth comb.

Use the lowest possible heat setting on heat styling tools.