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How much does a hair toupee cost?


How much does a hair toupee cost? Perhaps this is a question that anyone who wants to choose a toupee for men wants to know. The price of a toupee is related to many factors, including the craftsmanship, material and length used, and quality. This article will briefly introduce some common toupee prices.


At present, the problem of hair loss has become a common concern, so many people want to buy a toupee for themselves. In addition, hair pieces are also a good choice for people who want to change their existing hairstyles frequently and try more different hairstyles. Therefore, more and more people are beginning to be interested in hair pieces, and its price is one of the important issues they want to know.


As we mentioned before, the price of men's hair pieces is related to many factors. Some hair pieces are expensive because of the brand, service, and after-sales service, rather than their true value. This article will mainly analyze how the quality of the toupee affects its price. So, leaving aside other factors such as brand and service, how much does a mens toupee cost?


Chemical fiber toupee


The cost of general chemical fiber hair pieces is very low whether it is high temperature silk, low temperature silk or other qualities. The craftsmanship is mostly machine crocheting, and the price is generally between $5 and $10, which is regarded as the normal price. If the manual crochet process is used, the price may be higher, and it is normal to buy one for about $30.


The lowest end of a human hair toupee


The lowest-end hair quality of real human hair hair pieces is very poor. Because the hair color may be yellow, white and black when collected, most of the hair must be dyed black in the factory before crocheting.


This kind of toupee will not be processed with good crochet technology, and most of them are machine crocheted, so the normal price is between $30 and $60. It is also the cheapest real human hair toupee. This kind of toupee has a shorter lifespan, but it is easier to take care of than chemical fiber hair.


Mid-end of human hair toupee


The middle-end hair quality of human hair hair pieces is quite good for real human hair, but if you use it for a long time, wash it frequently, and do not take good care of it, it will gradually become frizzy. This type of hair will be used in the hand-knitting process, excluding the machine crocheting process.


According to the classification of hand-knitting techniques and the size of the simulated human scalp, the price is usually between $130 and $250. So if the toupee you buy is not within this price range, you should pay attention to the quality of the toupee and the reputation of the merchant.


High-end real human hair toupee


As long as it can be regarded as a high-end human hair toupee, its hair quality must be the best straight braided hair. This kind of hair collection cost is high, and the original hair scales are retained. It hasn't been dyed before, so the price is relatively high. The average small factory does not have the ability to make this kind of toupee.


The craft used in this toupee is the best hand-knitting craft with needles. The price is generally around $400. hair pieces are often worn, and people who have high requirements for hair pieces will choose this kind of toupee. This kind of hair cover basically represents the highest level of current toupee technology. The price of 13 inches length can reach $600.


This article briefly answers the question of how much mens hair pieces generally cost. Many people may think that a toupee of tens of dollars is not much different from a toupee of hundreds of dollars, but in fact, the material and the craftsmanship used are completely different, and the shape and comfort are also very different. So people should choose hair pieces according to their needs.



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