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How to hairdress curl hair for men's toupee?


How to hairdress curl hair for men's toupee?

Curly hair could be a challenge to work with, only if you know the proper techniques to watch out for it and haev the right products. No matter your hair is short or long, we could manage your curls into the hairstyle you want.

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1. Keep your hair cropped if you have tight curls. Tight curls are noticeable even when your hair is cut short. Think about how Justin Timeerlake curl his hair to control tiny curls. Ask your hairdresser to crop your hair if you want to maintain a clean appearance.

  • Tip: Get your hair trim when it is dry. When your hair is tiny curl, wet hair does not provide a good representation of how your hair looks dry.

Justin Timberlake have curly hair

Movie Star Justin Timeerlake have curl hair, he handle hair well.


2.Get an undercut to keep the curls on top of your head. Trim the sides and back of your head shorter and leave your curls on top. by this way, you will not worry about controlling a full head of hair and it will be easier to style, get a curl toupee to hairdress.

  • Tip: The sides and back of your hair could be faded into your curls or have a defined line where they separate.

3. Twist curls hair around your finger to define them. Wrap small secetions of your curly tight around your finger and form them in differents directions This helps make your curls look natural rather than having them styled.

​​​​​​​​​​​​4. Smear pomade to control your curls. Work a pomade through your hair to keep it out of your face and lock moisture into your hair. a cream or liquid based pomade works best to give your hair shine.

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