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ᐅ Pros and Cons about poly skin hair piece , A must-read for salon managers


Perhaps the best innovation of all is the sheer level of personalization and best hair material for toupee that hairpiece makers could offer to their salon clients. Not long ago, men had to accept stock toupees and hair pieces that didn’t necessarily match their previous, natural appearance.


For a skin hair piece, some of the easiest attachment methods include hairpiece tape and metal clips. These methods are gentle on both the scalp and the men’s hairpieces toupee and are therefore highly recommended as they will enhance the overall lifespan of the hair system being used.



Pros Advantage of skin hair piece


  1. Stick on head properly Skin hair piece could auto - stick on head via hair tape and glue, easily.  there is no worry about toupee take off , when go swimming or in the strong blow wind .
  2. Mild meterial of hair piece Bio-logical scalp skin is the most mild meterial of hair piece , compare with lace and mono net. few customers are light allergic to lace net or nylon mono mesh, but it is happened use other materials as the base of hair piece.
  3. Non-Surgical This point is the common advantage of all hair pieces also . The hair piece improves hair loss by covering the hair on the scalp without causing wounds or irritation to the scalp.


Cons Dis- advantage of skin hair piece


  1. Expensive on ultra thin skin hair piece
  2. Un natural on thick poly skin hair piece 

These two disadvantages could be combined to discuss, and now allowed me explain to you ——  the professional salon owner. The general rule that we would advise salon hair dresser to inform his/her customers of is that the more realistic a skin hair system looks. the shorter the life span and the more durable a skin hair system is, the less natural it looks. If your customers want an incredibly natural-looking front hairline then it is important to remind them that the overall longevity and durability of their hair system may be compromised.

In skin hair piece, Durability and Natural hairline should not be too extreme purchase , all indicators are medium might be the best option. or slightly adjust the level, in short, not too extremely. 02mm skin hair piece have the most natural hairline, but life span is only 2~4 weeks. 12mm skin hair piece have over 6 months life span , some unit could keep over 8 months , but the hairline isn't the best.

0.08MM Single Knot Hair Piece, Hair Curl Afro Curl


02mm skin toupee is the thinest poly toupee.


A toupee differs from a wig in its size , usually 8×10 inches 7×9 inches. While the term wig is generally used to refer to hairpieces that cover the whole scalp, the term toupee refers specifically to smaller hairpieces designed for areas affected by thinning hair or total hair loss.

0.02MM V Loop Men Hair Piece 


How to choose good hair piece.


It really isn’t the good idea to point out this material or that one & say it is the best hair material for toupee & everyone should opt-in for it. We all have several types of hair & skin & preferences. Customer's number 1 rule in deciding which is the best hair material for toupee or which hairpiece is the best for you is whether or not it can meet your hair need.

With all these, best hair material for toupee and hairpieces do vary in appearance & this variation is totally dependent on the level of human craftsmanship employed in its make-up & the type of hair materials used. What materials you think make up the best hairpieces?

No synthetic toupee appear in high- level market It is important to note that synthetic toupees can last anywhere between 3 to 5 months if worn daily. Synthetic hair systems usually have a much shorter lifespan than human hair toupees as they are prone to tangling and discoloration which can affect their resilience and overall look.


Kinds of human hair men skin hair piece knot ——  Single knot, Injected , V loop

Hair piece for Men by Shunfa Hair (click here go to our skin toupee profile) - This poly coating base is an excellent hair piece for men with thinning or balding on the top of the head. This single knot hair piece is made of 100% hand tied poly coating, Size 8×10 inches. Making it a very lightweight piece that will allow the scalp to breath easily. It’s available in a variety of brunettes and grays to match the exact hair color of salon customer.

Factory natural looking men's wigs and hair pieces are carefully curated to provide the most realistic and stylish look possible , with invisible hairline in front. the styles range from full mens wigs to toupees that cover the top of the head. If you are looking for an affordable, quality wig for barber non-surgical hair replacement customer or the man in your life, customer have come to the right place.

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