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ᐅ How to avoid hair tangle knots since the hair piece with curly hair?


everybody which with curly hair must read this article. handling curly hair is important to show person appearance.


Nobody can denied, a straight hair style is more easy to handling than a curly hair style.

so how to avoid hair tangle knots of curly hair?


here are some suggestion of avoid hair knots. from Factory master worker and raw hair supplier.


1. could reduce the use of the comb, just comb with fingers. not pull hard.

or select a gentle combing of the wide tooth distance curling comb. conditioner is excellent for revitalizing dry, lifeless hair on the hair piece, avoid knots. 

when blow hair piece to the half drying, wrap curl the hair with your fingers, or hold your hair into a ball shape to blow.

the hair conditioner should be wiped on the hand first instead of directly on the hair. then hand wipe the hair.



3. Trimming client's hair regularly. the hair is easy to knots because the hair is too long. 

regular trimming hair could help remove the hair-tails which hair bifurcate.


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