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How to choose base design?


 How to choose different base design for toupee? French lace, thin skin, fine mono? What is the advantages? Let us tell you!


When you order toupee, we will ask you what your toupee base design is.

Why there is so many toupee base design?

It depends on customer personal habit, country habit, cutting needs,etc.


There are some suggestions when you choose toupee base design:

If you prefer breathable base, french lace/swiss lace with a little big hole, which breathable, much better for you.

And it can be bleached knot, which make hair root color similar to skin color.



If you wanna cut freely, and easy to tape, suggest thin skin toupee base. Thin skin base is popular in the world.

For Skin toupee base design, it has below advantages:
- Natural graduated hairline
- V loop knots, Injected Knots , Single knots
- Be made with 0.02mm skin poly for units



If you prefer durable and long lasting base, mono base will be better choice. And they can last at least 6 moths to 1 year with good care

Mostly mono base combine with poly or lace, then it will be last longer and natural hair looking.



More popular base, pls leave message, we will suggest for you.

As factory here, we keep so many base design, it can help you get more natural looking here.