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Best Things About Lace Toupees.


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It depends on the personal preference that whether you would go for a lace toupee or pick something crafted on a skin base. We happily serve clients of both the preferences, without undermining those who don’t go for any and choose monofilament instead.



Overall, if we do a random survey, people putting their thumbs up for lace will be more in number than those voting for skin. Wondering why? Allow us to take you through the 3 best features of lace hair replacements.




1. Ventilation
Be it a French lace hair piece, Swiss lace hair piece, it’s the texture of lace material that makes it more ventilated than skin bases. It’s not that skin bases are not properly ventilated. They are. Every hairpiece base is ventilated but we are speaking about the degree here. Lace pieces will remain on top in terms of ventilation.

2. Softness
Lace is meant to be soft since these are knitted using threads of soft cotton. This is one of the reasons that many hairpiece wearers prefer a lace toupee over a skin toupee. But we must say that Bio Skin or Thin Skin hairpieces can compete on this. These two varieties are as soft as lace hairpieces. It depends on the user, whether he likes the touch of soft cotton mesh or he prefers the softness of super thin Poly skin.

3. Invisibility
Lace mesh, used in hairpiece crafting, is so fine that the base becomes invisible. People standing close to you with a magnifying glass can figure it out or you can get caught by a macro-lens camera. Otherwise you can absolutely dodge people with an invisible hairpiece hairline, especially if the base material is Superfine Swiss lace and the knots are bleached after construction. If you are not that confident about handling SFS, go for an SFS front French lace toupee, very apt for the hairpiece beginners.

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