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Sft-1348 Blonde integration fish net wig


Sft-1348 Blonde integration fish net wig


The stock blonde integration fish net wig is ready for shipping.

Base :  fish net women wig

Hole size:  2mm/5mm/8mm/10mm

Hair texture: Similar European hair and Indian remy hair texture

Hair style: Free style 

Color: New Image Color Ring

Wave&Curl: 32mm Slight Wave

Density: 80%-130% 

Hair length: Standard for men, 6 inches

Hair color: Any color is available from The New Image Color Ring.

Knots: Tiny knots, invisible knots

Factory worker do small invisible knotting job on 0.5 inches front hairline of each integratoin wig. All the knots on the base are strong knot and let product realistic and have long life span.

Hair integration is a system of nylon or polyester lines. It is like a hairnet with hair attached, which allows you to pull your own hair out between the lines to create or add volume and/or length. They come in different sizes and different base constructions to accommodate various patterns of hair loss. While wearing an integration piece, you are able to swim and participate in different sporting events. You don’t have to worry about your integration piece falling off or slipping due to the small clip-combs which snap closed on your existing hair.

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